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    You can now make any SAGA San Diego payment with a credit card and Saga will cover the transaction fees. That’s right — now there’s no extra charge for making a SAGA payment through PayPal. In fact we’d prefer that you make all your club payments using PayPal.

    If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you will be led through the process of opening one. During that process you will provide PayPal with a valid credit card number. That credit card will then be charged with the amount you specify in the box below.

    If you are unfamiliar with PayPal and want more information about it, click here. A new browser window will open on their website.

    PayPay will send emails to you and to Saga SD confirming payment. Keep that email as your receipt.

    When you have finished paying through PayPal, you will be returned to this website.

    To pay by credit card using PayPal, enter the amount of the payment and a notation (be specific) about what the money is to be applied towards. If it’s for a trip, tell us which trip.  If it’s for something else tell us what that is.   Then click on the PayPal button below…

    Paypal credits payments towards an email address. You will be crediting this payment towards Saga’s payments email address, which is [email protected] (you don’t need to remember this — it will be filled in automatically).

    If you are joining or renewing your membership, don’t do it here. Use our membership join/renewal form for that. It will also take you into Paypal so you can make your payment at no extra charge.

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